Possibly the most obscure request was Nekron from the 1983 animated film Fire and Ice. The character designs were by Frank Frazetta, which, of course, means that everyone was mostly naked. It was beautiful to watch, and I have quite a thing for evil ice overlords with pretty purple skin <3

If you would like to order one, here is the pre-order form

  • Each pillowcase is 60$, 20”x54”, and machine washable!
  • Shipping is 7$ USA, 15$ International.
  • There will be no charge until March 31st, 2013.
  • The pre-order will be open until April 7th, 2013!

Please refer to my shop or pillowcase FAQ if you have any questions!

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    does anyone even think he was straight, I mean, to me it was pretty obvious that he was into Larn come on, shirtless...
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