Artist, mythology enthusiast, porn lover. Here, some random personal facts!

PS: If you receive random messages from lucya, don’t be alarmed - that’s my main account.

Tags of Interestmy art, sketchesmy writingmusicfic recs
Fandoms: Thor, South Park, Mad Men, various Marvel/DC characters
Elsewhere: Soltian (AIM) | soltianxxx (NSFW) | LJ | dA

Feel free to contact me through any of these sources or via my ask box.

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Anime Expo 2014 | Jul 3-6 (AA)
Otakon 2014 | Aug 8-10 (AA)
Baltimore Comic Con 2014 | Sept 5-7 (AA)
AUSA 2014 | Oct 3-5 (Applied)

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